Studying Human Diseases using Genomics and Primary Cell Models


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The focus of our work is to establish reliable models of human diseases using genetically engineered human and stem cell and mouse models and functional genomics screening approaches. We are particularly interested in developing rigorous genetic approaches to study human disease, development and cell biology where conventional animal models or tissue culture systems do not adequately recapitulate human biology. To do this we are leveraging our expertise in human stem cell techniques and genome editing, humanized mouse models to elucidate processes of human stem cells renewal and differentiation and during tumor formation.

Recent Publications


Recent Publication

Busquets O, Li H, Mohieddin Syed K, Jerez PA, Dunnack J, Bu RL, Verma Y, Pangilinan GR, Martin A, Straub J, Du Y, Simon VM, Poser S, Bush Z, Diaz J, Sahagun A, Gao J, Hernandez DG, Levine KS, Booth EO, Bateup HS, Rio DC, Hockemeyer D, Blauwendraat C, Soldner F. iSCORE-PD: an isogenic stem cell collection to research Parkinson's Disease. bioRxiv [Preprint]. 2024 Feb 13:2024.02.12.579917. doi: 10.1101/2024.02.12.579917. PMID: 38405931; PMCID: PMC10888955.

Recent Publication

Lorbeer FK, Rieser G, Goel A, Wang M, Oh A, Yeh I, Bastian BC, Hockemeyer D. Distinct senescence mechanisms restrain progression of dysplastic nevi. PNAS Nexus. 2024 Feb 15;3(2):pgae041. doi: 10.1093/pnasnexus/pgae041. PMID: 38371417; PMCID: PMC10873501.

Recent Publication

Bredeson JV, Mudd AB, Medina-Ruiz S, Mitros T, Smith OK, Miller KE, Lyons JB, Batra SS, Park J, Berkoff KC, Plott C, Grimwood J, Schmutz J, Aguirre-Figueroa G, Khokha MK, Lane M, Philipp I, Laslo M, Hanken J, Kerdivel G, Buisine N, Sachs LM, Buchholz DR, Kwon T, Smith-Parker H, Gridi-Papp M, Ryan MJ, Denton RD, Malone JH, Wallingford JB, Straight AF, Heald R, Hockemeyer D, Harland RM, Rokhsar DS. Conserved chromatin and repetitive patterns reveal slow genome evolution in frogs. Nat Commun. 2024 Jan 17;15(1):579. doi: 10.1038/s41467-023-43012-9. PMID: 38233380; PMCID: PMC10794172.

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